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We’re All Going to Die

Yes. We are all going to die.

What happens in you when you read those words? Take a moment. Yes, right now. Take a moment right now to notice how the sentence lands in your body, in your heart. Where does your mind go? How does it actually make you feel?

This is, perhaps, one of the only real truths in this world. Yet, somehow, I am just beginning to turn toward my own death in an honest way. My mortality has been some sort of an implicit companion throughout my life: an entity I know is present but that I rarely really acknowledge or honor. It appears that now is a good moment to do that. And it would seem a very apt time in the story of our planet and our species to do the same on a collective level.
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El dilema interior/exterior

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Escuché que algunos de mis amigos han tenido dificultades con las últimas líneas que publiqué aquí. Eso tiene sentido. No están muy seguros de “que hacer” con lo que compartí. Sé que mis familias de origen y elección quieren ofrecerme su consuelo y apoyo. Y dije que no quería hablar al respecto. Que no quería ser abrazada. Y no quería. Estaba emputadísima cuando escribí todo eso. Y sigo enojada. Y, ese fue un momento que vino y se fue. Estoy en un lugar diferente ahora. Cual es ese lugar, no estoy muy segura. Pero estoy lista para hablar de ello… un poco.

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The Inside / Outside Dilemma

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I heard that some of my friends have been struggling with the last piece I posted here. That makes sense. People were not really sure “what to do” with what I shared. I know that my families of origin and choice want to offer me their consolation and support. And I said I didn’t want to talk about it. That I didn’t want to be hugged. And I didn’t. I was fucking pissed when I wrote all that. I’m still angry. AND, that was a moment. It has come and it has passed. I am somewhere different now. Where that is, I’m not really sure. But I’m ready to talk about it… a little.

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